What We Aspire to

Being Value Driven

Khanya’s work is based on service to environmental, economic and social justice. We seek to model and operate internally as we want the world to work – in a transparent, just and equitable manner, valuing principles and people at all times.

Driven by Change

Khanya seeks to support professional, organizational, institutional, policy and process changes by focusing on effectiveness, improvement, and development, owned at all times by all those involved and aimed at meaningful change.

Being Innovative

Khanya wants to be known for its innovative and creative ways of working in complex situations. Its adaptive and flexible approaches and tools must allow it to work in unique and innovative modes, very different from others.

Continuous Learning

Khanya seeks to extract as much learning as possible from every experience, especially those that entail errors and challenges. It does not believe it can help change anything that does not change it.

Being Global Citizens

Khanya has worked in over 30 countries across the globe with partners ranging from grass-roots organisations to large multi-lateral institutions. Its work has extended from local fieldwork to international policy, cutting across sectoral and disciplinary boundaries. It is committed to sharing and learning across geographies and disciplines.

Being Humble

Khanya is committed to learning and understanding about contexts, disciplines, cultures and people before it thrusts its ideas, competencies, and skills on others. It is committed to co-creating with whomever it works with. 

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